The Community

Once graduated from the Essential Experience Workshop, you are welcome to be a part of “The Community.”

The community is vibrant and welcoming, and provides a helpful context to continue to grow and develop.

The community sponsors support groups, social events, a newsletter and a listserv, as well as supporting the production of the Workshop for new participants (volunteering “on Team”).

Many enjoy the continuing connection and find that keeping in touch with other graduates helps to maintain and develop what they have begun in the workshop. The number of people involved in the workshop community for years following their workshop indicates the vitality of the ongoing support system and the continuing benefits of the Workshop, not just for a weekend, but for a lifetime.

Support Groups

While each graduate creates support in his or her own way, a number of structures have been created by the hundreds of people who have graduated from the workshop in Philadelphia since 1989. Each workshop group meets for a reunion following the workshop, and many groups have continued to meet thereafter.

Support groups help individuals maintain connection to their goals and how to achieve them.

People have formed general groups based on geographic location, and also specific groups – for example, for couples.

Community Newsletter & Listserv

A newsletter keeps the growing community informed. The listserv helps people connect easily, make announcements to the community, ask for support or referrals, etc.

Community Network

The network of graduates has been helpful in job-hunting, finding people with common interests, and making other kinds of connections.

Community Social Life

Community members organize many social events each year. For example:

  • Monthly happy hour.
  • Annual golf outing.
  • Annual picnic.
  • Annual bowling extravaganza.
  • Annual talent show.
  • Holiday parties, and more!

Community Website

The community website has all current information for the above features of the community, including a calendar of events! It is maintained with community volunteers and is a  work in process.

Visit the Community Website.

Community Leadership

For more information about the EE community, contact 2014 Community Leaders:
Anita Davidian 02/07 –
Sally McAfee 02/04 –
Sidney Kahn 01/08   –


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